Harvest Quins Candy: 3LB Box


Spooky Halloween Assorted Quins Candy: 3LB Box


Holiday Assorted Sprinkles: 3LB Carton


Easter Eggs Assorted Quins Candy: 3LB Box


If you’re the master of confectionary delights, you’ll appreciate the vast selection of DecoPac products available at Candy Warehouse! When you have an idea for a cake, cookie, or cupcake theme, the last thing you want to do is waste one minute searching from store to store to find the perfect candy decorations you need! With the huge variety of sprinkles and toppings we have in stock, you can enjoy the convenience of finding what you want and having it shipped right to your door! Choose from Spooky Halloween assortments, red, white, and green Holiday sprinkles, tiny pastel Easter Egg Quins, or a harvest of miniature leaf-shaped toppings in the fall colors you love! Order these high-quality confections in bulk to ensure you’ll always have what you need on hand to transform your next homemade bakery work of art into a culinary masterpiece!

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