Cry Baby

Cry Baby Extra Sour Gumballs: 240-Piece Tub

6 Reviews

Cry Baby Tears Sour Candy: 5LB Bag

21 Reviews

Cry Baby Sour Wax Bottles Candy 4-Packs: 18-Piece Box

2 Reviews

Cry Baby Sour Gumballs - Wrapped: 850-Piece Case

1 Review

Cry Baby Guts Sour Gumballs: 850-Piece Case


Cry Baby Extra Sour Chewy Candy 3.5-Ounce Packs: 12-Piece Box


Cry Baby candy is the seriously sour treat that will send a jolt of flavor from taste buds to toes! Made by Tootsie Roll Industries, Cry Baby is the most sour candy on the planet, and these tear-shaped treats are guaranteed to bring tears of joy to those who crave extreme tartness. If you’re a true connoisseur of tartness, the sour power of this confectionary delight will have you crying Cry Baby tears of joy, as they have just the right amount of epic flavor you crave! Available in gumballs, sour wax bottles, as well as hard and chewy sour candy, the pucker-up taste of these delicious treats are perfect for getting your juices flowing during workouts at the gym, for awakening the senses during a long boring meeting, or to add a little tangy zip to an otherwise ordinary day! Find fabulous flavors like Overload Orange, Lightening Lemon, Chargin’ Cherry, and Blastin’ Blue Raspberry in stock at Candy Warehouse!

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