Lorena Candy Crayon - Strawberry: 10-Piece Pack


Lorena Candy Crayon - Grape: 10-Piece Pack

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Lorena Candy Crayon - Mango: 10-Piece Pack


Lorena Candy Crayons - Assorted: 18-Piece Pack


Crayon candy is more than just a whimsical treat, it’s the soft fruity sweet that’s super-fun to eat! Packaged in a colorful crayon-shaped dispenser, this fruit-flavored Mexican candy is packed with the taste of mouth-watering Grape, Mango, or Strawberry for a taste-bud trip like you’ve never experienced before! Each silly cylinder holds over an ounce of soft, ooey-gooey sweetness capped off with a colorful cone top, for a treat that won’t make a mess all over your hands! These novelty candies are highly popular with kids, making them perfect for birthday parties, school functions, and everyday snacking! Although sometimes hard to find, fear not, as you’ll discover a full line of this fruiti-licious treat, as well as other discontinued candy for sale at Candy Warehouse!

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