King Mints Peppermint Rolls: 36-Piece Box

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Cloetta Sweden is a confectioner born in 1872 when a band of chocolatier brothers came together to produce the first chocolate factory in Sweden. This company quickly grew into the leading confectionery in the Nordic regions and the Netherlands, delivering chocolate, nuts, pastilles, and chewing gum across Northern Europe and beyond. Cloetta candy markets sweet sensations from several brands, including Läkerol, Jenkki, Kexchoklad, Malaco, Candyking, Red Band, and the Jelly Bean Factory. One of their most popular sweets is ultra-refreshing King mints, a traditional Dutch peppermint packaged in an easy to carry roll. When you yearn for something better than the usual, enjoy Swedish candy sensations like these Dutch mints, or a smooth and creamy hazelnut nougat infused Guldnougat bar, or perhaps one of the Jelly Bean Factory’s 36 different flavors made from 100% natural fruit juices. The choice is yours at Candy Warehouse!

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