Chocolate Casino Chips

Madelaine Foiled Milk Chocolate Poker Chips - Assorted: 5LB Bag

16 Reviews

Castle Chocolate Casino Chips Mesh Bags: 18-Piece Box

2 Reviews

Madelaine Foiled Milk Chocolate Poker Chips - $25 Green: 5LB Bag


Madelaine Foiled Milk Chocolate Poker Chips - $5 Pink: 5LB Bag


Madelaine Foiled Dark Chocolate Mint Poker Chips - $100 Black: 5LB Bag


Madelaine Foiled Chocolate Poker Chips - Black $100 Design: 36-Piece Rack

4 Reviews

Madelaine Foiled Chocolate Poker Chips - $5 and $25 Designs: 36-Piece Rack


Thompson Foiled Milk Chocolate Casino Chips 1-Ounce Mesh Bags: 30-Piece Tub


Impress your guests when you host poker night using an assortment of chocolate casino chips in bulk! Provide each guest with their own personal assorted mesh bag of foiled coins, or choose from our wide variety of colorful chips and build your own poker chip set. Add a delicious, creamy twist to your game night by using themed casino chocolate coins, coming in various values including $5, $10, $25, $50, $100, and $250. When you sweeten up your celebrations with these casino themed chocolates, you’re choosing functional, edible, and memorable coins over boring, plastics ones! Your friends will thank you for inviting them out because they’ll get to enjoy hours of fun and satisfy their sweet tooth! These chips are perfect for bachelor or bachelorette parties and gifts, themed birthdays, or holiday family fun. Bring a sweet flair to your next poker event with chocolate casino coins from Candy Warehouse!

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