Chocolate Cars

Foiled Chocolate Sports Cars: 120-Piece Box

2 Reviews

Madelaine Foiled Milk Chocolate Race Cars: 60-Piece Display

8 Reviews

Madelaine Foiled Milk Chocolate Mini Cars: 100-Piece Display


Foiled Milk Chocolate Race Cars: 36-Piece Display


Maybe a chocolate car won't move as fast as a race car, but it'll sure taste better! When you can't afford to buy your kid an actual race car for their birthday, a handful of these tasty treats is the next best thing. Boasting rich, delicious flavor on the inside and authentic-looking foil wrappers on the outside, these chocolate race cars are almost as good as the real thing. Whether you're looking for sweet Formula 1 replicas, NASCAR-inspired speedsters, or something a little more retro, Candy Warehouse has just the right selection of car shaped chocolate for you. Just when you thought our assortment of specialty candy couldn't hold any more surprises, these bulk chocolate cars from Madelaine and Storz Schokolade came along to prove you wrong!

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