Atkinson Sugar Free Chick-O-Stick Original Candy Nuggets: 3LB Bag

2 Reviews

Atkinson Chick-O-Stick Nuggets Candy: 3LB Bag

23 Reviews

Atkinson Chick-O-Stick Original Nuggets Candy: 160-Piece Tub

7 Reviews

Atkinson Chick-O-Sticks Candy Bars: 24-Piece Box

4 Reviews

Atkinson Chick-O-Stick Original Candy: 160-Piece Jar

2 Reviews

Chick O Stick candy is a honeycombed peanut butter stick with a toasted coconut coating that’s been delighting taste buds since its debut in the 50s! Made by Atkinson’s Candy Company, a family-owned confectionery since 1932. Although it was initially called Chicken Bones, and often confused for a chicken-flavored cracker, this treat has stood out as a legend in sweet treats!

Kosher, gluten free, and vegan-friendly, Chick O Stick candy at Candy Warehouse is available in Original flavor and spicy Pic-O-Sito, as well as sugar free versions sweetened with Splenda for all to enjoy! We have big sticks, fun-size sticks, and nuggets in bulk sizes that are perfect for sharing!

Fun Fact- As you savor the deliciousness of this candy, the only question left to ask is, which came first, the Chick-O-Stick or the name? According to legend, it was the stick that came before the name, because this candy’s look resembled fried chicken! This is a case of when looks can be deceiving, as this pea-nutty treat is as sweet as it gets!

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