Cheong Woo Confectionery

Snow Diamonds Peppermint White Hard Candy: 1.4LB Bag


Established in 1986, Cheong Woo Confectionery produces South Korean candy and confections like cookies, pies, and traditional Korean cakes. Why travel all over the world for unique candies when you can have sweets like Cheong Woo ginger and pumpkin candy delivered right to your door from Candy Warehouse? These hard to find treats are available fresh from the factory in hard candies and soft, and in exotic flavors, including Red Ginseng, Sesame, Pumpkin, or more traditional tastes like Lemon, Raspberry, and Blueberry. For a taste that is wildly unique and delicious and will bring a global flair to your candy dish or party, try these traditional sweets from South Korea!

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