Carlos V

Carlos V Mini Milk Chocolate Bars: 96-Piece Box


The Carlos V chocolate bar got its name in honor of the Holy Roman Emperor, who legend has it, introduced the world of chocolate to the European court! During the 1970s, this “King of Chocolates” was made in Mexico by the La Azteca Company until it was bought by Nestle candy in 2005. Soon after its introduction into the United States, it became one of America’s new favorites!

Carlos V candy is a decadent delight and one of the most popular chocolate bars in Mexico. It has a rich chocolatey flavor that isn’t too sweet to satisfy even the most refined tastes! If you’re looking for a unique candy for all occasions, you will delight in the selections of this royal chocolate at Candy Warehouse!

Fun Fact- It’s no wonder a chocolate bar is named after this historical icon, as not only did the Holy Roman Emperor introduce cocoa confections to Europe, but he was also King of the Romans and Italy! According to history, he spent a quarter of his reign traveling, which might be why portable and delicious chocolate was his treat of choice!

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