Candy Necklace

Candy Necklaces - Wrapped: 100-Piece Bag

8 Reviews

Candy Necklaces - Unwrapped: 100-Piece Bag

9 Reviews

Shark Attack Tooth Candy Necklaces: 12-Piece Box

4 Reviews

Bee International Giant Candy Necklaces: 18-Piece Box

1 Review

Giant Gummy Bear Necklace - Blue


Giant Gummy Bear Necklace - Purple


Gummy Bear Necklace - Purple


Giant Gummy Bear Necklace - Pink


Jawbreaker Candy Necklace


Gummy Bear Charm Necklace


Gummy Bear Necklace - Pink and Blue


Giant Gummy Bear Necklace - Red


Gummy Bear Necklace - Green


Gummy Bear Necklace - Blue and Green


Gummy Bear Necklace - Pink


Gummy Bear Necklace - Blue


Gummy Bear Necklace - Red


World's Biggest Sour Candy Necklace: 24-Piece Display


Candy Necklaces: 72-Piece Tub

2 Reviews

Mega Candy Necklace


Everyone knows that the best accessory is one you can eat, and a candy necklace ensures that something sweet is always within your reach! This collection of candy necklaces features an array of sweet accessories to suit your every need. Bulk edible offerings from Smarties make perfect party favors, while massive Mega Candy chains are sure to turn heads. Switch gears with the saccharine designs from Kandi Jewelry, which feature non-edible materials to extend longevity so you can show off your sweet tooth in style. You'll find a little something for everyone with this selection of candy necklaces at Candy Warehouse. Maybe you'll even treat yourself too!

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