Tangy Zangy Soft N' Chewy Sour Raspberries: 5LB Bag

2 Reviews

Bumplettes Beaded Gumdrops - Blue Raspberry: 5LB Bag

3 Reviews

Bumplettes gum drops are the chewy treat with a crunchy candy bead coating! Made in Spain, the land of exquisite gourmet cuisine, these gumdrops are a delicious combination of taste and unique texture in every bite-sized piece!

Bumpy on the outside, and soft on the inside, Bumplettes candy is available in Blue Raspberry and Tutti Frutti flavors, and are perfect for a birthday bash, baby shower, or themed event! At Candy Warehouse, we have these little round orbs of deliciousness in bulk sizes for the ultimate in party planning convenience!

Fun Dessert & Party Ideas- To bump up the wow factor at your next party, poke a toothpick in each one to use as edible arrangements for baby showers, use them to adorn cupcakes, or add these treats to your color-themed party buffet table! Let their delicious uniqueness be the inspiration you need to create a candy masterpiece!

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