Bubu Lubu

Ricolino Bubu Lubu Mini Candy Bars: 25-Piece Pack

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Ricolino Ricofiesta Pinata Candy Mix: 3.3LB Bag


Made in the heart of Texas by Barcel under the Ricolino trademark, Bubu Lubu is a candy bar with a uniquely delicious trifecta of fabulous flavors all in one luscious treat! This taste-tempting creation is one of many popular brands from Barcel USA, a confectioner that offers a plethora of unique and delicious sweets!

Available from Candy Warehouse in regular or mini sizes, Bubu Lubu candy is a tart and smooth layer of strawberry jelly atop a fluffy cloud of marshmallow crème, surrounded in a rich coating of chocolate, which is just as tasty when frozen! If you need a distinctively delicious sweet snack that’s perfect for everything from lunch box fare to all-night fiestas, these decadent bars of delight are sure to please!

Fun Fact- Interestingly, this candy may be more than just a palate-pleasing party treat. If you’re looking for a unique baby name or a distinctive name for your pet, this might be it! According to U.S. Social Security Administration data, Bubulubu has never been used as a first name, ever!

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