Bubble Yum

Bubble Yum Gum 5-Piece Packs - Original: 18-Pack Box

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Bubble Yum Gum Squishy Candy Pillow

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Bubble Yum Gum - Original: 3.5LB Tub

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Why settle for mediocre bubbles when Bubble Yum gum gives you the colossal bubbles you want out of your chewing gum! Introduced in 1973, this bubblegum was the first of its kind to hit the bubble-blowing market, and it became instantly famous, as its soft texture made it easy to blow enormous bubbles with ease. Still the go-to gum for bubble blowers everywhere, Bubble Yum bubble gum flavors are available in Original, Sugarless, Cotton Candy, as well as the sweet juicy Jolly Rancher flavors of Watermelon and Blue Raspberry. For the diehard bubblegum fan, Candy Warehouse has the flavors you want in the sizes you need, and even the novel Plush Pillows and Earbuds you're looking for to add a pop of fun to your space!

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