Broadway Licorice

Black Licorice Wheels: 2KG Bag

9 Reviews

Strawberry Red Licorice Wheels: 2KG Bag

5 Reviews

Broadway Licorice Rolls - Strawberry: 24-Piece Box

10 Reviews

Broadway Licorice Rolls - Black Licorice: 24-Piece Box


Broadway licorice are reminiscent of the Delpha Roll Strawberry Danish Ribbons candy you enjoyed as a child, with the soft texture and pure licorice candy flavor that is sure to delight a whole new generation! Made by Gerrit J Verburg Co, Broadway licorice rolls are available in two forms for your palate-pleasing pleasure. First, there’s the traditional form, featuring four long, flat strips of Strawberry or Black licorice flavored candy neatly stacked in a convenient individually wrapped roll. Then, there are licorice wheels, which are thin licorice ropes coiled up in a circle, to peel and eat as you see fit! If you miss the treats of your childhood or want to experience the taste only nostalgic candy can provide, Candy Warehouse brings you the hard to find old-fashioned favorites you love with the modern convenience of shopping online!

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