Bradbury Barrel Company

Wooden Candy Barrel: 20x30-Inch


Wooden Candy Barrel: 14x24-Inch


Bradbury Barrel Company has been crafting custom wood barrels and display containers for over 25 years, utilizing beautiful northern white cedar. These woodworking masterpieces are made using authentic tongue and groove construction and are still produced within a quaint storefront in Maine.

If you’re craft-savvy, this collection of artisan-made full and half drums are perfect for use as a decorative wooden barrel planter or arranged to make your home look like an old-fashioned candy store! If you’re looking for a small rustic wooden barrel for sale, Candy Warehouse has just what you need from Bradbury Barrel Co in stock and ready to ship!

As a bonus, did you know that wood barrels can last for up to 100 years? This feature of aging gracefully translates into less impact on the environment and makes them ideal DIY candy buffet table centerpieces that can be passed down to the next generation!

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