Brach's Butterscotch

Brach's Butterscotch Hard Candy Discs: 6.5LB Bag

19 Reviews

Brach's Sugar Free Butterscotch Candy Discs: 2.6LB Box

4 Reviews

Brach's butterscotch candy has the rich, old-fashioned flavor of butter and brown sugar that is pure decadence. This translucent amber-colored hard candy has a history as rich as its buttery taste, with old English origins that date back to the mid-1800s, and a resume that includes the honor of being a confection appointed to British royalty. More than a century later, butterscotch candy is still one of the most popular hard candies around, and these golden disks of palate-pleasing delight are the perfect treat for any occasion! Brachs butterscotch is available in original and a delicious sugar free version, sweetened with Isomalt and Splenda, with an authentic sweetness that’s so good, you won’t believe it’s sugar free! If you want the warm, feel-good flavor of tradition delivered right to your door, shop for your Brach's butterscotch hard candy at Candy Warehouse!

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