Botan Rice Candy Boxes: 12-Piece Pack

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Botan Rice Candy is a lemon-orange flavored soft and chewy confection wrapped in edible rice paper for a unique and delicious taste experience. The rice paper wrapping, also known as “Oblaat,” is clear and almost plastic-like until you pop one in your mouth. From there, it slowly dissolves to give way to the sweetly delicious fruity flavors inside. This candy’s name means “flower blossom” in Japanese, which accurately describes how the culinary experience of this sweet is much like a flower opening up to reveal its beauty. To add to the fun, Botan Rice Candy stickers are a whimsical extra you get in each box of these traditional Japanese treats. If you’re ready for a taste adventure, take a culinary ride to the land of the rising sun with these exquisite candies from Candy Warehouse!

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