Black Gumballs

Black 1-Inch Gumballs: 2LB Bag

9 Reviews

Black Magic Jawbreaker Candy Balls: 5LB Bag

1 Review

Wrapped 1-Inch Gumballs - Jet Black: 200-Piece Bag


Express your darker side without sacrificing your need for chewing fun with black gumballs. Candy Warehouse makes it easy to refill your bubblegum machine or anchor a candy table with a bunch of dark and shiny spheres of candy-coated gum. Spooky-hued bulk gumballs by Sweet Works perfectly accent your Halloween or Day-of-the-Dead party. You can also showcase a more vibrantly hued batch of bubblegum by pairing them with a batch of the glistening black gumball. The unexpected surprise lurking behind the inky outer coating and hidden within the center of these perfectly polished bubblegum balls is a fresh and fruity burst of flavor that releases with each and every chew. Search our site now to find exactly what you need to embrace your dramatic, bubble-blowing personality.

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