Big Red

Wrigley's Big Red Gum Slim Packs: 10-Piece Box


Big Red gum has the bold, cinnamon flavor that gives you the ultimate in long-lasting fresh breath. Invented in 1975 by Wrigley’s, this iconic product was instantly popular with its catchy jingle and memorable TV commercials but really caught fire because of its delicious taste. If you are growing weary of mint flavor, then Big Red cinnamon gum comes to the rescue, as it’s the one with the fire and spice that makes everything oh so nice! Lasting much longer than cinnamon candy, each red-hot pack of Big Red chewing gum from Candy Warehouse contains 15 sticks of cinnamon-flavored dynamite to rock your taste buds for hours and is the ideal treat to counteract the mid-day slumps! Spice up your day and savor the heat of this classic by ordering yours online now!

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