Beny Locochas Sabor Chamoy Hard Candy: 60-Piece Bag

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Beny Locochas Candy Mix: 60-Piece Bag


Beny Churros Marshmallow Candy: 30-Piece Bag


Beny Locochas Unicorn Candy Mix: 60-Piece Bag


Beny candy is unique, authentic Mexican candy that has just the right amount of sweet with a whole lotta heat. Individually wrapped to ensure freshness, Beny Locochas are hard candies in Chamoy, Strawberry, Mango, Sandia, and Tamarindo flavors with a perfect kick of chili in the center for a mouthwatering sensation like nothing else! This candy company also makes the most delicious Mango X-Treme lollipops, which are fruity, mango-flavored treats sprinkled with chili and salt that are a real taste sensation on a stick! Candy Warehouse has a full selection of these south of the border delights, including sweet and spicy chili candy, ready to ship to your next fiesta!

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