BB Bats

B B Bats Taffy Pops: 100-Piece Box

45 Reviews

Sometimes a recipe is perfect right off the bat, and BB Bats is one such candy that hit a home run as soon as it landed on dime-store shelves in 1924. With its nostalgic packaging and pure flavors, BB Bats taffy is where old is new again, and its sweet taste and satisfying chewiness will take you on a tasty trip down memory lane. Super easy to tote and eat, these banana, strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla lollipop-like taffy treats are fabulous on the go snacks for after school, and the B B Bats classic wrappers are so nostalgic, they could double as decoration at a 1920s or 30s themed party! Fresh and deliciously simple, your little ones will get off the bus and slide into home when they know BB Bats candy is up to bat in your candy bowl. Make sure you have enough by buying them in bulk from Candy Warehouse!

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