Bitty Berries Gummy Candy: 1KG Bag

2 Reviews

Apricot Hearts Gummy Candy: 500G Bag

1 Review

For a rare and special treat, grace your candy dish with Barenland gummies and indulge in pure candy luxury. Barenland gummy bears are made by master confectioners in Germany who specialize in high-quality fruit gums and licorice, and their candy mastery is evident in every luscious bite. Bitty Berries are derived from the traditional fruits of Bavaria for a flavor experience like no other candy can replicate, and Apricot Hearts Gummies are just like taking a bite out of a fresh, juicy apricot for a sweet and aromatic taste experience. Flavorful, wholesome, and crafted by candy masters, Barenland gummies available at Candy Warehouse are a luxurious treat you don’t want to miss!

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