Asher's Chocolates

Asher's Sugar Free Cherry Chocolate Cordials: 6LB Box

1 Review

Asher's Giant Dark Chocolate Nonpareils Discs - White: 64-Piece Box


Asher's Sugar Free Chocolate Peppermint Patties - Dark: 6LB Box

2 Reviews

Asher's Sugar Free White Chocolate Almond Bark: 6LB Box

2 Reviews

Asher's Chocolate Mousse Chocolates - Milk: 5LB Box


Asher's Sugar Free Cashew Caramel Patties - Milk Chocolate: 6LB Box


Asher's Milk Chocolate Covered Pretzel Rods: 5LB Box


Asher's Swirled Milk Chocolate and Peanut Butter Sea Shells Candy: 64-Piece Box


Asher's Milk Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels: 12-Piece Box


Asher's Sugar Free Milk Chocolate Truffles - Mint: 6LB Box


Asher's Peanut Butter Sherbet Chocolates: 5LB Box


Asher's Molasses Sponge Chocolates - Dark: 6LB Box


Asher's Rainbow Coconut Strips: 8LB Box


Asher's Molasses Sponge Chocolates - Milk: 6LB Box

1 Review

Asher's Giant White Chocolate 2-Pound Hollow Snowman


Asher's Sugar Free Chocolate Candy Bars - Chocolate Crisp: 12-Piece Box


Asher's Jumbo Milk Chocolate Butter Cream Easter Egg: 8-Ounce Gift Box

1 Review

Giant 8.8-Ounce Peppermint Candy Cane

5 Reviews
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History of Asher's Chocolates

Do you know the interesting history of Asher's Chocolates? It dates back to 1892 when Chester A. Asher founded a small store near Independence Hall. Four years later, he moved the successful business over to Germantown. Over the years, the company stayed in the family, changing hands from son-to-son. Surprisingly enough, the business almost went bankrupt in 1966. However, John L. Asher Jr and his brother Bob took it over and quickly opened a chocolate factory. It proved to be the right move, saving the almost-failing business. These days, the brand is well-known around the world for its scrumptious confectionery.

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Have you tried the wonderful range of products from Asher's Chocolates? This brand is brimming with some of the most sensational sweet treats your heart could desire. From delectable flavorsome snacks to gourmet truffles, the hugely spanning variety of products will have your mouth watering the instant you lay your eyes on them. Searching for a special gift for your loved ones? You just so happen to have come to the right place. These snacks are as luxurious as they are delicate, which means that they are ideal for any occasion. Birthdays, holidays, and special events will be enriched with a little help from these oh-so-sumptuous products. We're talking yummy toffee treats, Asher's chocolate covered pretzels, caramels, and so much more. You might not know where to start. As though that weren't enough to have your heart racing, there's something else you should know. The brand also offers some delectable sugar free chocolate for the health-conscious out there. Yes, whatever your needs, we have you covered here at Candy Warehouse. Get your bulk chocolate candy right here, right now.

Fun Facts about Asher's

While Asher's candy is perfect during every season, there's one holiday that it brings to mind. Yes, Easter wouldn't be the same without a yummy egg from this confectionery brand. Aside from offering temptingly good corporate gifts, the company is well-known for its spring-themed variety of treats. While the family has its roots firmly in Scotland, the original creator of the brand, Chester, was Canadian-born. Over the years, the company has become famous for many snacks, not least delicious and tasty chocolate eggs.

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