Asher's Chocolate Clusters

Asher's Dark Chocolate Peanut Clusters Candy: 5LB Box


Asher's Milk Chocolate Coconut Clusters: 5LB Box

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Asher's Dark Chocolate Coconut Clusters: 5LB Box


Asher's Sugar Free Chocolate Raisin Clusters: 5LB Box


Asher's Milk Chocolate Almond Clusters: 5LB Box


Bite-sized and chock-full of nuts, Asher's Chocolate clusters are everything you crave clustered together in one delicious candy. If you love the crunchiness of nuts draped in luscious creamy chocolate, the Ashers Chocolate cluster is the one that will satisfy your cravings to the highest degree. These delectable chocolate clusters come in milk and dark chocolate, with almonds, cashews, peanuts, or coconut, as well as in a sugar free raisin filled variety for those who want sweets without guilt! Asher's chocolates are made with love at a family-owned company using the freshest, purest ingredients possible for a delectable taste that is beyond compare. If you can't wait another minute and need these irresistible palate-pleasers delivered right to your door, shop the wide variety available in stock at Candy Warehouse!

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