Asbach Uralt

Asbach Brandy Chocolate Bottles: 8-Piece Box

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Since 1892, Asbach Uralt brandy has been the elixir of choice for those who prefer the finer things in life, and Asbach Uralt brandy chocolates are the treats that bring that exceptional taste into the world of candy. Asbach brandy alone is one of the finest spirits in the world, but paired with dark chocolate, it is pure deliciousness beyond comprehension. This elegant chocolate liquor candy is shaped like a bottle, filled with the top-shelf taste of German brandy and individually wrapped in luxurious gold foil for perfect presentation as a host or hostess gift or after-dinner delight. Indulge in something beyond exquisite with the full-bodied, sweetness of these fabulous confections available in stock at Candy Warehouse!

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