Mini Marshmallows - Pink: 11.8-Ounce Bag


Mini Marshmallows - Blue: 11.8-Ounce Bag

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Angelitos candy are some of the softest and fluffiest marshmallow creations in the world and are the perfect addition to the candy table display at your next party! Just a fuzz bigger than an M&M, Angelitos marshmallows are tiny pink or blue puffs of pure joy that are edible delights for bite-sized snacking, bobbing in a cup of rich hot cocoa, or mixed in a batch of sweet, chewy rice crispy squares. With over 30 years of soft candy mastery behind every sweet piece, these marshmallows are sure to be a melt in your mouth pleasure like you’ve never experienced. When searching for something a little different, Candy Warehouse is your one-stop online Mexican candy store for the freshest and most indulgent selections of high-quality, unique south of the border treats!

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