Jugos de Sabo Sour Candy Balls Cartons: 12-Piece Box


Pica Limon Salt & Lemon Spicy Powder Packs: 100-Piece Bag

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Anahuac Paleta Limon 7 Lollipops: 30-Piece Bag


Anahuac candy has the sweet and spicy authentic south of the border flavors that will take your taste buds on a savory trip! Anahuac products include Chipikona, which is a fiery candy ball with a bubble gum center, Chipileta Mix which is a lollipop and hot candy powder combo in orange, watermelon, and chamoy, Jugos De Sabores, which are sweet and sour candies in four flavors, and the “margarita on a stick” Limon 7 lollipops which are covered in salt and lime powder. For an extra punch of flavor on fruits or other foods, try a sprinkling of Pica Limon Salt and Lemon Hot Powder for a real taste adventure! When you are on a quest for the most authentic bulk Mexican candy in the world, look no further than Candy Warehouse. We have the treats you want in stock and ready to ship right to your door!

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