Aero Bar

Nestle Aero Milk Chocolate Bars: 24-Piece Box

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The Aero chocolate bar is a British milk chocolate treat that has a unique and exhilarating, melt in your mouth texture, which sets it apart from anything you’ve ever experienced! Initially produced by Rowntree’s in the UK, and later by Nestle, the Aero bar features a bubbly texture that literally melts in your mouth for a palate-pleasing experience you can’t find in other confections! This light, airy milk chocolate treat is perfect for those who want the luscious taste of a candy bar without the heaviness of solid chocolate. After you try one, you’ll never want ordinary chocolate bars again! Make sure you never run out of these delightful and hard to find treats by ordering your Aero candy bars in bulk at Candy Warehouse!

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