Adams and Brooks

Yellow Smiley Face Lollipops: 60-Piece Case


Unicorn Pops Twist Suckers - Lavender: 24-Piece Jar


Big Cherry Candy Bars: 24-Piece Box

12 Reviews

Cherry Luv Pops: 40-Piece Tub

9 Reviews

Adams and Brooks Lollipop Display Stand - Wood: 63 Pop Rack


Adams and Brooks Lollipop Display Stand - White: 63 Pop Rack

1 Review

Since 1932, Adams and Brooks have created American candy classics that have brought sweetness and joy to generations of people. Adams & Brooks Inc began with candy corn and quickly expanded to luscious and brightly colored lollipop creations as well as almond and coconut-infused milk-chocolate Cup-O-Gold cups with a sweet and creamy center, the delectable Big Cherry candies with a whole cherry covered in chocolate and chopped peanuts, and the classic chocolate, rice crispies, peanuts, and caramel Good News Bar. These confections are made the old-fashioned way, with simple ingredients for an honest-to-goodness, traditional candy flavor. For a pure American classic taste sensation, scroll through the selections of Adams and Brooks candy in stock at Candy Warehouse and find the sweets that continue to be America’s favorite palate-pleasing treat!

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