Red & Green Mini Tootsie Pops in Christmas Stockings: 24-Piece Case by Tootsie Pops

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Being the favorite parent at school is a tough job to keep. This is especially true when you’re competing against avid Pinterest pinning moms for the number one spot. But don’t you worry; Tootsie has something up its sleeve, or should we say inside its stocking, to help you stay in rule. Naturally your competition will fail with their cupcakes that the kids will lick and pass to the side. When that happens, take your moment of glory by waltzing in with your Christmas Stockings filled with individually wrapped Tootsie Pops from this 24-piece case. Each pop is wrapped in red or green to distinguish its cherry or sour apple flavor. You’ll have the people’s vote in no time!

Case contains 24 Christmas Red & Green Mini Tootsie Pops Stockings.

Made in the USA.

Shipping Weight ~ 4 lbs. Kosher Certified.