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1665 Products

They say that fruit should be an important part of your daily diet, and we think there should be a little room for candy too. Luckily, we offer a large selection of fruit candy that will keep the doctor at bay unless you feel like sharing. Our selection includes some of the best brands in confectionery goodness, including AirHeads®, Jelly Belly®, Starburst®, Trolli®, and so much more. We also carry a wide assortment of fruit-shaped candy that can be used for parties, work events, weddings, and other occasions. Explore our selection of fruity candy today to find all your favorite sweets.

Candy fruit is sure to delight any recipient, and it also looks delicious in a gift basket or at a candy bar. Our selection is filled with a variety of fruit candy that can satisfy any craving. Candy might not grow on trees, but don’t let that stop you from strolling through our fruity candy orchard to pluck a basket of tart lemon drops, cherry gumballs, rich banana taffy, or anything that piques your sweet tooth. Our wide selection of fruit-shaped candy includes everything you need to make an edible assortment, including citrus slices, strawberry bonbons, watermelon slices, and much more.

Our selection of gummy fruit would impress even a gummy bear. We carry gummy kiwis, lemons, cherries, peaches, bananas, orange slices, and blue raspberries. Our selection of salt water taffy includes all the classic flavors you love, as well as a few sweet surprises that will keep your taste buds begging for more. We carry key lime, lemon meringue, orange crème, raspberry lemonade, tropical punch, berry crème, and other taffy flavors that will send any sweet tooth into overdrive. We also carry a wide variety of licorice, sour belts, lollipops, rock candy, fruit chews, and much more.

Candy Warehouse is honored to be America’s favorite online bulk candy superstore. When an occasion calls for candy fruit, you can always count on us to provide an oh-so-delicious selection. While shopping, remember to register your account so you can log multiple shipping addresses and track orders with ease. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us for additional information or further assistance. Let the candy experts know how we can help!