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Whether you’re American or British, hot beverages are a daily essential. There’s nothing quite like a hot cup of coffee in the morning or a refreshing cup of hot tea to end your evening. Our selection of tea and coffee candy is full of unique surprises. Whether you are in the midst of planning your dream wedding or organizing the dessert table for a large corporate event, you have come to the right place. Candy Warehouse is the one-stop shop for sweets, and we strive to provide the finest tea candy or coffee chocolate candy by the best brands in the business. With confectionery masterminds such as Coffee Rio®, Dove®, Bali’s Best®, Pocky®, Brach’s®, and more, we guarantee that you will find the perfect pick-me-up or afternoon snack in the form of tea and coffee candy.

Modern couples are gravitating toward unconventional wedding desserts, and we have the perfect solution. Jordan almonds are plump, roasted, dipped in a thick layer of deluxe chocolate, and coated in a thin candy shell for a satisfying crunch. We carry both cappuccino as well as coffee and cream chocolate-covered almonds that are just waiting to melt in your mouth. Coffee addicts will also adore our wide variety of coffee chocolate candy and espresso coffee beans. Freshly roasted whole coffee beans are coated with a harmonious layer of premium dark chocolate or white chocolate. Fill a candy dish with these delicious coffee chocolate candy morsels at your next formal event. Our other flavors include chocolate mocha, café mint, amaretto, Irish crème, and cocoa-dusted.

Take a walk on the wild side without drinking a drop of alcohol. Our coffee chocolate candy selection includes liquor bottles in a variety of blends, so there’s no need to offer sweets, libations, or espressos separately. We also provide scrumptious cordial candies filled with coffee-flavored liquid centers.

Craving a cup of tea but short on time? Satisfy your herbal desires by exploring our tea candy collection. This selection includes hard candies as well as biscuit sticks dipped in a blend of green tea-flavored cream, which is sure to please even the most discerning palate! If you have any questions about our selection of tea and coffee candy, please contact us today so we may provide a shopping experience sweeter than any other.