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Candy Colors

Browse the full spectrum of candy colors. Match your party or event color scheme... color coordinate your candy! Whether you're planning a wedding, a corporate trade show, or a high school prom, we've got a corresponding candy color shade to suit your need. Buy single solid color candy to create the most stunning colorful candy bars. Most of the items featured in each section are solid colors with no logo or marking on them, and come in single-color bulk cases or bags, such as M&M's, Mike and Ikes, and Hershey Kisses. M&M Colors!

CandyWarehouse.com is home to one of the largest candy collections available online. With so many choices available, we thought we might help you find all the sweets and treats your taste buds have been begging for by dividing our candy by color. Within these virtual corridors, you can find a wide variety of colored candy for birthdays, weddings, parties, and all kinds of special occasions. Treat guests by creating a colorful candy display at your next event. You can incorporate romantic chocolate roses, marshmallow bites, and rock candy swizzle sticks in your favorite color. Guests will certainly appreciate your cleverness and creativity.

Planning a wedding? You can coordinate your colored candy to match the bride’s gown, the bridesmaids’ dresses, or the couple’s favorite colors. Colorful candy makes it easy to design a visually interesting dessert table for all your guests to enjoy. Hosting a baby shower? Announce your new bundle of joy to close family members and friends by exploring our blue and pink candy selections. Delight your guests with an edible treat that doubles as a gender reveal. We offer gender-neutral candy colors too!

Choosing candy by color is also a great solution for corporate trade shows, conferences, conventions, and professional get-togethers. We offer a wide variety of scrumptious sweets to make the process of coordinating party favors, trade show giveaways, or customer freebies easier and more enjoyable. No matter what time of the year it is, festive occasions and celebrations can always use a pop of color. If you don’t have a certain color scheme in mind, you can never go wrong with an assortment of colors. Explore our rainbow candy collection to discover everything from classic lollipops to fruit gel slices.

Some candies will require expedited shipping to reduce the risk of melting. If you are ordering candy by color in bulk, we recommend creating two separate orders. This way, you can order any meltable candy to be expedited with free cold packs to keep them cool. Create your second order to ship candy at a less expensive rate. Contact our customer service department for advice or further assistance.

Video Segment: Create a Colorful Candy Display
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