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WarHeads Extreme Sour Candy Spray Bottles: 12-Piece Display


Everyone knows that the consumption of seriously sour candy can induce 20 to 50 seconds of eye-bugging, mouth-puckering, and extreme doses of excitement. No one knows better about the power of sour than WARHEADS®. Since 1985, WARHEADS® candy has been the standard of which all other sour candies are measured. We offer a wondrous bulk WARHEADS® candy selection of their most iconic Warhead suckers, candies, gummies, and much more. CandyWarehouse.com says, ""Let the people eat sour candy!"" Explore our selection of sour WARHEADS®online today, but proceed with caution!

Sour WARHEADS® are aptly named for their intensely tart fruity flavors that seem to explode in your mouth upon contact. Their chewy candy cubes are just like tiny candy construction blocks, but they pack a whole lot of pucker power. Take your indulgence a step further with sour-coated twists or tasty taffy rolls. Each taffy roll combines the best of two fruity flavors, so you’ll be pleasantly surprised with each and every bite. Can’t take the heat? Cool down with a handful of WARHEADS® sour candy rolls. At first, they’re sour, but then they deliver a refreshingly cool blast.

Sour WARHEADS® may seem perfect for everyday snacking, but these tangy bites are also ideal for the holidays. Are you lovesick with the candy fever? Give your sweetheart a Valentine’s day gift he or she will never forget by choosing a candy-filled plastic heart in lieu of flowers or a box of chocolates. Decorating for the merriest time of the year? Our WARHEADS® candy ornaments will look positively jolly on your Christmas tree this year, but it’s a tough toss-up between those and our jumbo sour candy canes. Keep all the little taste buds busy with Warhead suckers or candy snack packs as edible stocking stuffers.

Just remember – this selection of bulk WARHEADS® candy is not for the faint of heart. They taste so good that once you recover, we're willing to bet you'll find yourself reaching for more. You've been warned of the mighty addictiveness, so snack at your own risk, if you dare! IIf you have any questions about our collection of sour WARHEADS® online, please contact us today for additional information or further assistance.