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Twizzlers was born in 1845 as a chewy licorice flavored candy produced by Young & Smylie Candies, Inc. Years of holding its own as an original sweet loved by generations, the chewy twisted treat expanded in the late 1970s with flavor additions such as strawberry, grape, chocolate, cherry, and watermelon. With more flavors came more sizes, and soon, Twists, Bites, and Nibs flooded the candy scene, and in 1977 Hershey’s realized the potential of this iconic candy and acquired the brand.

According to the brand’s records, Neil Armstrong followed his famous 1969 quote, “giant leap for mankind,” with “I could go for some Twizzlers right now,” which exemplifies the popularity of this spirally candy. Even the Guinness Book of World Records got into the groove, and in 1998, announced the Y&S Candy Plant in Lancaster, Pennsylvania had created the longest licorice twist ever made measuring 1,200 feet and weighing 100 pounds! Twizzlers candy flavors include Strawberry, Cherry, Rainbow, Chocolate, Strawberry Smoothie, Orange Cream, and Sweet & Sour, as well as Twisted Strawberry Blast, Watermelon, Fruit Punch, and black Twizzlers licorice flavor. They come in many forms including Twists, Filled Twists, Pull ‘N’ Peel, Bites, Filled Bites, and Nibs. For the freshest, softest, and chewiest candy in the flavors you want, shop the full in-stock selections at Candy Warehouse. We have what you love ready to ship right to your door! Twizzlers candy is twisty twirls of chewy sweet or sour flavor that quickly turns a dull moment into pure fun. Buy yours in bulk at Candy Warehouse!