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109 Products

SweeTarts Jelly Beans Candy: 2.75LB Box


Some people prefer sweet and some prefer tangy. If SweeTarts candy comes to mind when thinking about the best of both worlds, then you’ve landed in the right place. Soothe both your sweet tooth and that hankering for all things tart and tangy with these discs or orbs in an array of colors and textures. First introduced in 1963, the original flavors were the same as Pixy Stix with standard choices like grape, cherry, lemon, lime, and orange. Today, the flavors of SweeTarts have expanded to include new taste sensations that dance on your tongue with that signature tartness and sugary sweetens. Whether you prefer the classic flavors or the newer flavors, SweeTarts candy is classic for a reason!

While the classic rolled candies are the way most people remember this candy, SweeTarts now come in more options than ever before. Whether looking for the rolled and twist wrapped ones of your childhood, the candy packets with three to a pack, or the long candy rolls, we have them all right here for your sweet cravings. While the hard candies are the most commonly thought of image when this name is mentioned, Sweet Tart has branched out into other types of sweets. From mini chews and soft bites to sours and ropes, there are lots of different options to help you satisfy your sweet tooth with this beloved candy. When looking to bring this candy into the holiday season with you, we have a range of choices from skull and bones for Halloween to candy canes for Christmas to help you keep your favorite sugar source at the ready all year long. Looking to really show off your love of this fun candy? Check out the pillows made to look like the candy itself! Regardless of which flavor or type is right for you, this is a staple on the sugar scene and you need to get your hands on some today!