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You know the commercials – first they’re sweet, and then they’re sour. Sour Patch Kids® are the masterminds behind one of the greatest taste sensations to sweep the candy market. offers a wide variety of Sour Patch Kids® candy, so you can satisfy any kind of craving in one convenient place. This collection contains anything you’ll ever want to purse your lips and close your eyes from all that overwhelming tang. Our selection includes all the classic flavors you know and loved as a child, as well as a few sweet surprises that will delight your taste buds.

Our Sour Patch Kids® selection is stocked with chewy, fruity candy that will leave you puckering long after your snack time’s done. Their classic assortment of flavors includes berry, lemon, lime, orange, and raspberry. We are spreading the joy by offering Sour Patch Kids® candy in bulk, so you can stock up on five pounds for all the birthday parties and holidays ahead. Trust us – these sour candy bites are big crowd-pleasers! You’ll be amazed how fast they’re eaten.

If you’re feeling a little adventurous and willing to stray away from those classic flavors, we have the perfect solution. Sour Patch Kids® candy comes in a variety of fun flavors to choose from. Each box of sour berry candy tastes sweet enough to come straight from the tree or vine. Take your sour tolerance up a notch by trying any of their extreme sour flavors: raspberry lemonade rush, grape berry surge, cherry berry bash, or apple strawberry burst. We also carry their cherry, green apple, peach, and strawberry flavors.

Shop from our selection of Sour Patch Kids® products today to keep your taste buds on edge. These sour candies are perfect for corporate events, parties, or special occasions. While shopping, don’t forget to register your account so you can log multiple shipping addresses, enjoy faster checkouts, and track orders with ease. You can also sign up today to receive special offers and delicious candy discounts. If you have any questions, please contact us today!