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Do you love anyone enough to give them your last Rolo? With its luscious caramel wrapped in a delicate robe of milk chocolate, it’s a decision that’s hard to make! This iconic confection that everyone recognizes and adores began in England as an idea to combine Mackintosh’s Toffee with a milk chocolate coating into stackable candies, and this soon to be candy icon rolled onto the confectionary market in 1937. It became the pride and joy of Rowntree’s in 1969 and is currently made by Nestlé and licensed for production by the Hershey Company in the United States.

Rolo Chocolate comes in Rolls, Snack Size, and bite size candy also known as Minis. It is individually foil-wrapped in classic bronze, or the golden shades of Autumn, festive colors of Christmas, as well as baby blue and pink for gender reveal parties and baby showers. These iconic treats make fabulous ingredients in snack recipes, desserts, and ice cream combinations, and their myriad of available foil colors is also ideal for use in holiday crafts and party buffet table arrangements, or just to have in a candy dish on the kitchen counter. When you’re just not sure if you could give up your last Rolo candy, be proactive and buy this caramel filling chocolate candy in bulk from Candy Warehouse!