Red Vines

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Red Vines is a soft and chewy twisted candy sensation made using the same small-batch, artisanal techniques passed down through five generations at the American Licorice Company. Since 1914, this confectioner has focused on creating the freshest, most consistent and flavorful licorice-type candy to customers worldwide, becoming a part of life’s sweetest everyday moments. Made in Union City, California, Red Vines candy is so favored, it enjoyed the limelight in several episodes of the iconic American sitcom Big Bang Theory, was seen throughout the five seasons of the Fox show, Fringe, and was featured by Jimmy Kimmel as part of the 89th Academy Awards. In 2019, the company launched its “Peace, Love & Vines” campaign, encouraging consumers to “pay it forward” with acts of kindness.

Red Vines licorice is available online in Original Berry flavor, Grape, Strawberry, and Black Licorice Twists which contain real licorice extract. These fabulous twists are fat free, vegan, and Kosher certified, and come in a black and red California Collection, Twists, Twistettes, Super Ropes, Snaps Licorice Tube candy, Bites, and Made Simple varieties, which are created using Non-GMO ingredients and natural flavors. More than just a twisted treat of soft, chewy delight, these candies can also be melted for use as a dessert drizzle, covered in chocolate for a fabulous party treat, made into frozen drinks, and even transformed into luscious salted black licorice ice cream. When you want a wholesome yet twisted treat that is super soft and ultra-chewy, you’ll find it in quantities from single bags to a sizeable value-priced tub, as fresh as can be from Candy Warehouse!