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Pop Rocks are the legendary little hard candies that create a flavor-packed fizzling free for all in your mouth! These popping nuggets of sweet delight began as a science experiment by research chemists’ Leon T. Kremzner and William A. Mitchell, and the results were patented in 1961 by General Foods. The scientists figured out a way to “gasify” hard candy with carbon dioxide so that when it lands on your tongue, the gas releases and causes a mini-fireworks sensation in your mouth. General Foods didn’t market the new candy to the public until 1975, and discontinued the novelty in 1983, partly because of rumors buzzing around the media about the potential for this candy to cause harm if ingested with soda. The “exploded kid” rumors were dispelled by many authorities, including the FDA, but it lived on as an urban legend for years.

Currently, Pop Rocks Inc. distributes the famed and fabulous treat to stores nationwide, and you can find it in Strawberry, Watermelon, Tropical, Blue Razz, Chocolate, Original Cherry, Cotton Candy, Grape, Green Apple, and Xtreme. Pop Rocks candy is also found in a sugar free variety, chewing gum, and a lollipop/popping candy combo named Dips. One thing about this gas encapsulating candy is the fizz falls flat if it's kept in storage too long. At Candy Warehouse, we take our candy inventory seriously, so you will only find the absolute freshest bulk Pop Rocks on our shelves, ready to ship as fast as possible right to your door!