Milky Way

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The famed Milky Way, a galactic favorite among candy lovers all over the world, is a candy bar with a history that goes back to 1923 when it was invented by Mars Incorporated founder, Frank C. Mars. The Milky Way candy bar got its name and its flavor from a famous milkshake at the time and was manufactured in Minneapolis, Minnesota using a chocolate coating provided by Hershey’s. This iconic candy bar cost a mere five cents and came in two versions- a milk chocolate covered chocolate nougat bar and a vanilla nougat bar coated with dark chocolate.

Known back then as “the sweet you can eat between meals,” and now as the “Sorry, I was eating a Milky Way” comical excuse in ad campaigns, Milky Way chocolate continues to be an all-time favorite candy bar sold in the US and abroad. It is available in Original flavor, which is nougat topped with caramel and covered with milk chocolate, Simply Caramel, which is caramel wrapped in milk chocolate, Midnight Dark, a confection with vanilla nougat and caramel covered in rich dark chocolate, and the seasonal Halloween Caramel Apple flavor. The Milky Way bar is an out of this world treat available from Candy Warehouse in bulk chocolate candy bars, fun-size, unwrapped bites, and minis for all genres of snacking excitement.