Mike and Ike

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Mike and Ike is the candy everyone loves, and no one forgets, as it’s a little fruit-flavored bite-sized rounded rhombus of pure enjoyment. Hugely popular among young people, this iconic candy began way back in 1940, when introduced by the Just Born Candy Company, and its rise to fandom was almost immediate. The name alone drives candy lovers to yearn for a box of these intensely flavored jelly bean-like treats. But how did the name come to be? No one knows, but rumors have it the candy got its name after two famous circus performing brothers who played little people characters in the Wizard of OZ, but like most rumors, the truth remains a mystery.

How the name came about isn’t as important as the candy itself, as this movie theater and party goer’s favorite comes in so many intense flavors to choose from it’s a candy lover’s dream. Mike & Ike candy is available in Theater Box, Large Theater Box, and Stand Up Bags. Bulk Mike and Ike candy come in multi-box packs, handy 1.5-pound jars, and humongous 4.5-pound bags in individual flavors like Paradise Punch, Watermelon, Green Apple, Blueberry, Blue Raspberry, and Pineapple just to name a few. Other groovy flavors that’ll rock your candy world include Original Fruits, Mega Mix, Sundae Sweets, Mega Mix Sour, Cherri and Bubb, Strawberries and Cream, Berry Blast, Tropical Typhoon, Strawberry Revolution, Sour-Licious, and Red Rageous. When the craving is so intense that just a box or two won’t do. Buy candy in bulk at Candy Warehouse and have enough Mike n Ike to rock everyone’s candy world with fruchewy excitement!