Mentos candy flavors are as long-lasting as this company’s history and continue to rule the world of mints as The Freshmaker. This wildly refreshing candy came to be on a train ride to Poland when Michael and Pierre Van Melle devised an idea for a peppermint-flavored caramel-like candy. From that one idea, Mentos mints were born and went worldwide in 2001 after the merger of Van Melle and another legendary candy company named Perfetti. This partnership made this much-loved candy available in stores and online candy retailers virtually everywhere. These spherical orbs of fresh delight are currently sold in more than 130 countries and enjoy the limelight in iconic and pop culture favorite commercials, TV shows, and even music videos such as “Big Me” by the Foo Fighters. There are also several World Records set for the most explosions created using Mentos and Diet Coke. When combined, results in a chemical reaction that produces copious amounts of foam very quickly.

This beloved candy is so versatile, no wonder it’s so highly favored. Mentos gum is contained in large curvy, groovy containers or pocket-sized versions and is flavored in Fresh Mint, Spearmint, White Sweet Mint, Fruit Lime & Tropical, Fresh Watermelon, Cotton Candy, and Ice Flurry. The classic chewy mints are available in Mint, Fruit, Spearmint, Rainbow, Strawberry, Cinnamon, Green Apple, and Grape flavors, packaged in 14-piece rolls, multi-packs and minis, and hard mints come in Peppermint and Wintergreen portable containers. Whatever flavor you choose, its sure to be the freshest most flavor-blasted taste experience you’ve ever had! Order up the freshness in bulk quantities from Candy Warehouse!