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Koppers Chocolate is an innovative chocolatier that creates incredibly unique and decadent gourmet chocolate of award-winning quality and taste. This confectioner began in Greenwich Village in New York City and was the first to develop chocolate and mint lentils, long before M&M’s, and the innovator of melding together chocolate and coffee, as well as unique liquid-center cordials, chocolate espresso beans, and chocolate gummy bears. They produce many types of decadent enrobed and molded chocolates, chocolate lollipops, Whitman-type samplers, and panned chocolates in regular, organic and Kosher varieties. For over 80 years, this company has been one of the most respected panners of epicurean chocolates and specialty confections in the world.

Koppers chocolate is available in Chocolate Cordials with Amaretto, Blackberry Brandy, Cognac, Irish Crème, and Rum centers, as well as Cappuccino and Coffee flavors for adult tastes, and Raspberry, Cherry, and Strawberry & Cream filled versions for candy connoisseurs of all ages. Luscious chocolate covered Almonds, Fruits, and Malt Balls will bring a new level of elegance to your dinner party, and colorful lentils and discs will decorate a children’s party table with treats of distinction. When ordinary candy just won’t do, scroll through the vast selection of decadent Koppers chocolates at your online source for exquisite confections, Candy Warehouse.