Kit Kat

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Kit Kat is a candy bar of four crispy wafers layered and covered in rich, luscious chocolate. Created decades ago by Rowntree’s of York because of an employee’s suggestion to have a portable snack to put in a lunch box, these iconic candy bars have since become one of the world’s most favored treats. Through wartime and acquisition by Nestlé, and subsequent licensing under the The Hershey Company, this crispy wafer bar has evolved in flavors, packaging, and forms but has never ceased to be a top-selling brand. Currently, this legendary sweet treat is produced and sold in over 16 countries and is the confection that comes to mind when someone says, “Gimme a break!”

When you are in dire need of a break, snap apart one of these decadent candy creations and get set to take a journey to crispy sweet wafer heaven. These classic, crispy wafers layered and covered in rich chocolate and aligned in a row of four break-apart bars are available in Jumbo Bars, Minis, Snack Size, and Big Kat candy bars, and in packaging designs for Halloween, Christmas, Easter, and Valentine’s Day. They also come in extra crispy, glow in the dark, milk, white, and dark chocolate Kit Kat bar versions, as well as in wild flavors of strawberry Kit Kat, Triple Chocolate, Mint, Orange, and Green Tea. For break time, party time or just “me” time, find the flavors and varieties you crave at Candy Warehouse!