Hubba Bubba

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You know it’s not polite to catcall. You try to behave yourself. But when you see someone pulling out a strip of soft and succulent tropical fruit bubble gum, you just have to shout "Hubba Bubba!" It’s really an awful habit. You should be ashamed. But then, you’re not alone. The thought of all that mouthwatering flavor just gets to people. Good thing we have an ample selection of the tempting treats to choose from, in a variety of flavors that'll help you keep your cool the next time someone innocently pulls out a piece of Hubba Bubba right in front of you.

We all know and love Hubba Bubba bubble gum. Started in 1979, this fun-loving gum was a staple of childhoods for generations. What makes this gum better than all the rest? Well, for starters, it is the most fun! Blowing a big fat bubble with your gum is an age-old tradition. Not only could this gum let you blow a bigger bubble than others, it was softer and less sticky, so you could easily peel it off your face. Another reason Hubba Bubba gum is such a classic is because of the incredible flavor and softness. While other gums take on that hard flavorless effect after a few too many chews, Hubba Bubba gives you more flavor per chew, so you can really enjoy it!

There are so many flavors and options to choose from when looking for this classic treat. From their ever-popular strawberry gum with the green outside and red center to their classic grape flavor, there is a flavor for you. Of course, the brand is most widely known for their fun and playful tape gums which come as a roll, so you can eat as little or as much as you want! With an equal emphasis on flavor and fun combined, it is no wonder this icon is still such an important part of childhood. They are also a favorite for the young at heart! Get your hands on your favorite flavor today.