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Hershey's Halloween Candy Assortment: 400-Piece Bag


Hershey's Chocolate is most likely the first brand that comes to mind when you are craving a chocolate bar. Started over a century ago, this company is one of the most recognized candy manufacturers in the world and continues to be the leader in confectionary innovations. It has a legacy not only in candy, but also in kindness, as an entire community was created around its famed brand name, complete with housing, a bank, a hotel, public schools, churches, parks, and a zoo, all to provide a great place to live for employees. One of this company’s most significant accomplishments was the founding of a school for orphaned boys, which still serves over 2,000 boys and girls a year.

You know and love the classic chocolate of this iconic company like Hershey Kisses or bars, but what other candy does The Hershey Company make? Some of the other famous brands under this company’s wing are Reese’s, Kit Kat, Rolo, Jolly Rancher, Twizzlers, and Ice Breakers, to name a few. This legendary chocolate brand is ideal as a take-along snack, as fixings for smores, or as the basis of a fabulous homemade chocolate cake. Whether it be a buffet table at a birthday party or a candy dish on the kitchen counter, Candy Warehouse has the bulk chocolate candy you want for super-low online prices!