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Ghirardelli chocolates are the first choice for the chocolate connoisseur, the baker, and those who refuse to compromise on taste. Founded by an Italian chocolatier, this USA based company is known for its smooth, rich cocoa infused confections and is one of the most well known and popular chocolate candy brands in the world. When the craving for chocolate overcomes you, these luxurious confections are the only sweet that will satisfy.

Ghirardelli dark chocolate squares are silken delights of pure bliss that come in a wide array of decadent varieties, such as sea salt, raspberry, and mint, as well as the intense flavor of 92% cocoa, which will jump-start your taste buds and give you a healthy dose of the antioxidants you need. If milk chocolate is your passion, the combination of this light, sweet chocolate with luscious caramel will transport you to a place of euphoria. Delicious assortments of premium chocolate squares are available in stand-up bags or elegant boxes ideal for any gift-giving occasion, and premium chocolate chips, brownie mixes, and cake mixes will help you create the perfect chocolatey homemade treat. When you are ready for pure chocolate excellence, Candy Warehouse has the Ghirardelli you want, fresh from the factory and delivered straight to your door for a taste experience you’ll never forget.