Dubble Bubble

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Dubble Bubble was the first of its kind sold on the commercial market and is considered the original bubble blowing gum. With the hard work of Walter Diemer, an accountant at the Fleer Chewing Gum Company, 1928 would prove to be the year an icon in candy history was born. After years of attempts to create a gum that would blow bubbles but not stick, Diemer came up with a formula that did just that. Unfortunately, he misplaced the recipe and was forced to go back to the drawing board to recreate this innovative gum, not accomplishing this task until months later. Determined not to lose it again, Diemer made a huge 300-pound batch, coloring it pink, the only food coloring available in the factory at the time. As soon as this pink-hued bubble-blowing invention dubbed Dubble Bubble gum hit the market, it became instantly popular, with Fleer selling 1.5 million dollars of product in the first year.

Now produced by Tootsie Roll Industries, Double Bubble gum comes in individually wrapped pieces, gumballs, bar-form, and birth announcement cigar shapes, as well as sugar free versions. Flavors include Original Bubble Gum, Grape, Apple, and Watermelon, and gumballs come in a rainbow of bright, fun colors. For a super-fun and interactive treat at a birthday party, why not fill a Dubble Bubble gumball machine with assorted Dubble Bubble gumballs and watch the bubble-blowing bedlam ensue! With this famous and iconic bubble gum from Candy Warehouse, it’s easy to walk and chew gum at the same time… and blow the best bubbles ever!