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In 1939 Dove Chocolate candy began its reign as one of the world’s most loved confections in a family-owned candy store on the south side of Chicago. One day, while watching his son chase down an ice cream truck, owner Leo Stefanos had an epiphany, and he set to work on creating an ice cream bar that would be so good, his son would no longer need to engage in dangerous truck-chasing to get his favorite ice cream treat. Months later, the Dove milk chocolate ice cream bar was born, followed by a plethora of silky-smooth chocolate candies. After Mars candy picked up the confectioner in 1986, Dove chocolates expanded their legacy to include socially conscious values, partnering with CARE to help aid female cocoa farmers in Cote d’lvoire. Pledging to use 100% certified cocoa by 2020, this chocolatier is one of a kind in the candy industry.

The Dove Chocolate bar gets its incredibly creamy goodness by using superior cacao and European methods of processing. This technique includes meticulously cleaning and winnowing the dried bean, then utilizing the European process of dutching, roasting, grinding, and mixing until finally molding and wrapping into the beloved bars and candies you adore. Some of the most loved are Promises, which are pure chocolate bliss with an inspirational quote inside each wrapper, chocolate-covered Nuts & Fruits, full-sized chocolate bars, Ice Cream bars, and the Signature Collection, which features exquisite dessert quality truffles. Flavors come to you in Milk and Dark, with almonds, peanut butter, sea salt, mocha latte or mint swirls, and fruits such as blueberries, cranberries, and cherries come bathed in a creamy layer of Dove dark chocolate for an antioxidant boost. For pure decadence, with social consciousness, lavish in the taste of these luscious chocolates from Candy Warehouse!